The unprecedented effects of Covid-19 have shined a light on the pros and cons of healthcare options for the population of aging individuals in our country. For the majority of us, social distancing means staying six-feet apart and obeying mask mandates, but to the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it means zero visitors, zero hugs from loved ones, and zero physical interaction with the outside world. The viral pleas for pen pals and sentimental visits from family members separated by the glass are more reminiscent of inmates in penitentiaries than aging adults in healthcare facilities.

While these strict precautions are for their protection and well-being, the quality of life aging adults are experiencing in this global pandemic raises the inevitable question: Isn’t there a better way?

Healthcare at Home

The better option for senior healthcare is healthcare at home. Aging in place allows seniors to safely enjoy their own home without sacrificing their quality of healthcare. The same services offered in high-priced nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be offered at home with the added convenience of familiarity and comfort. Another top benefit of aging in place is the overall safety of the environment. Infections and illnesses ran rampant throughout senior facilities even before Covid-19 due to the dense population of individuals with compromised immune systems. Home healthcare removes the dense population and thereby lowers the risk of contracting a harmful sickness. Instead of being locked inside a facility weathering the Covid-19 storm (or any other illness for that matter), seniors receiving healthcare at home have the freedom to socially distance in their own home regardless of Covid-19, flu season, or any other contagions. 

The Better Way: Integrity Care and Staffing

Integrity Care and Staffing is a senior healthcare agency providing in-home care in Seattle, Renton, Gig Harbor, Kenmore, Bellevue, and Olympia. Since 2010, Integrity Care and Staffing have been dedicated to providing quality in-home care to the Puget Sound area. Their offered services range from care management and travel assistance to memory care and private aides. Integrity Care and Staffing’s long list of provided services allow each client to choose the healthcare that best fits their unique needs. 

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