Most elderly want to live relaxed in the comfort of their homes because their independence is important to them. Their loved ones want the same, but often, they just can’t stop worrying about safety and security. To alleviate your anxieties, both you and your senior loved one should contact companionship care agency Integrity Care and Staffing serving Pierce County, Washington. We offer one of the best solutions for in-home care for your loved one. Having a professional to help at all moments can be priceless.

What is the goal of Companion Care?

Not all companion care agencies are the same. With Integrity Care and Staffing serving Kitsap County, Washington, you will receive services based on the needs of your elderly loved one. Our services are available at your doorstep, ensuring you maintain the highest level of dignity and comfort.

Our companionship care covers both social and psychical aspects of senior care. The principle goal of our agency’s companionship care program is to provide three things and those are:

  • Emotional support,
  • Improvements in the quality of seniors life,
  • Providing a companion for elderly.
Companion care in Puget Sound area

Companion Care Services in Seattle, WA

Companionship care is exactly what its name implies. It offers company to elderly who are in need, giving them someone to share personal stories and memories with. The link between a caregiver and senior in this instance can be crucial for the well-being of seniors.

Older adults who have a companion engage in conversation more, which in addition to playing games such as Scrabble or Bridge, can keep their mind sharp. This kind of action and brain stimulation can help delay the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

In addition to providing companionship as its primary service, Integrity Care and Staffing serving King County, Washington, through its caregivers also offers help to elderly with:

  • Administrating medications
  • Daily activities such as getting in or out of bed/car
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Preparing meals
  • Groceries shopping
  • Transportation, etc.
companionship care in puget sound area

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