Private duty care at Integrity Care and Staffing offers you a palette of care choices for your loved ones. The shared component among them is to offer seniors comfortable, safe, and most of all, independent life at their homes, regardless of their condition. Private duty care can be paid through insurance or privately, depending on your needs. Private care can include conjunction between different types of care such as palliative care, hospice care, or skilled home care. At Integrity Care and Staffing in Seattle, WA, private care duty comes as a standalone service.

Private Duty Aide at Integrity Care and Staffing

Private duty care at Integrity Care and Staffing is provided by certified caregivers who are professionals at what they do. They are trained in helping patients in everyday activities, but are also able to provide healthcare if needed.

Integrity Care and Staffing services offered through our Private Duty Care program include:

  • Taking care of personal hygiene of patients (bathing, grooming)
  • Groceries shopping and meal preparation
  • Buying and administering medications
  • Homemaking, housekeeping, and laundry
  • In-home supervision
  • Arranging transportation for doctor appointments, shopping, and other needs
Private Duty Aide in Puget Sound area

Professionaly Trained Caregivers

Some of the options that Integrity Care and Staffing offers that distinguishes us from the competition is that through our private duty care, we have caregivers who are available from one- to 24-hours. We also have caregivers who are trained for both live-in care and respite care.

 Skilled Nurses

For patients that need medical care, Integrity Care and Staffing can provide you with skilled nurses and home health aides who are trained to deal with patients who suffer from chronic illnesses. Also, our Private Duty Care program has specially-trained caregivers for work with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Wound Care and More

Integrity Care and Staffing also has caregivers who specialize in wound care, medication management, and injections.

Contact Integrity Care and Staffing in Seattle, Washington to find out more about which services we can provide for you and your loved ones.

Private Duty Aide in Puget Sound area

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